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Welcome to my home on the Internet. I will try to keep it less cluttered than my office. . . but no guarantees.

It may be a bit gaudy, as far as writer websites go, with large type and lots of photographs, but it fits me.

I'm a fantasy and science fiction writer who sometimes dabbles in military fiction and mysteries. My home is filled with dogs and books.

And I wear bedroom slippers to work everyday.

I live in a tiny Midwestern town that has a gas station, a Dollar General, and a pizza place that has exceedingly slow service.

I'm always working on a new project or three...and have three novels just released from the awesome WordFire Press.

At the moment, I'm tinkering with a murder mystery set in an even tinier town than mine...and because of my plot, the population is shrinking.

On the editing front, I tackle anthologies from time-to-time, and do some work for the wonderful Galaxy's Edge magazine.

Blessed to be busy!